4 Symbolic accessories for newly married women

India is known for its diverse culture and unique traditions, especially in our weddings. Marriage is a big day for every girl and i...

India is known for its diverse culture and unique traditions, especially in our weddings. Marriage is a big day for every girl and it comes with numerous changes in lifestyle. A newly married woman is expected to embrace these new lifestyle changes while she has to maintain a few old ones also. One of these changes is that of her wardrobe! She has to add a few more accessories in her closet. From mangalsutra to sindoor, beautiful things add into her life and in the closet, which enhance her married look. These accessories embroider the grace and beauty of a married woman. With the high technology, all these accessories are available online. From online mangalsutras to anklets you can order everything direct at the comfort of your home, right before your big day.

Here is the listing of 4 of the symbolic accessories carried by Indian married women:

1.      Bangles

They are not just round rings, but have been the oldest and purest ornament in Indian ethnicity. The Indian tradition of wearing bangles is obsolete and used to be the symbol of married women back in those days; and they are very much in trend these days as well. As India is diverse in cultures with its different states, the wedding customs and rituals are also diverse to be obvious. You can simply buy bangles online on IndiaRush from a variety of different styles, designs and materials.

2.      Anklets

Anklets have become the talk of the show nowadays, every other girl layer these anklets up with both ethnic and western wears. This accessory has been worn by Indian women for centuries. Women used to wear these anklets with Sarees, Suits and other traditional wears. And, it is believed that by wearing anklets, its energy is re-vibrated to one’s own body, thereby refreshing it with the metal’s positive properties. Anklets are a simplest way to make your foot and footwear look glamorous.
3.      Mangalsutra

Wearing a mangalsutra is steeped in Indian traditions. It is given the status of a sacred ornament in Indian culture. Be it gold plated or silver or diamond, the mangalsutras have their own charm and they enhance the beauty of the neckline of a married woman. You can buy online magalsutras from a multitude of different types, designs and patterns. Ensure the right length of mangalsutras with your outfit and proudly flaunt that sleek neck to the world.
4.      Bindi

Bindi is one of the basic “shringar” basics of a married woman  and also called forehead stickers nowadays. These stickers have their own charm and they add beauty to a married woman. These are the epitome of Indian beauty & tradition. The circular red dot signifies the love of woman. They are available in different colours, designs and patterns. Married women put bindi right at the centre of the forehead and grab all the attention a newly married should get.
These are various things a newlywed Indian woman needs to have in her closet in order to add the grace & beauty to their look.


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