Text messages-an economical option!

You may not be familiar with the codes today’s young generation uses unless you recently obtained your high school certificate. For a seasoned SMS’er, this type of code is the daily language of communication. With SMS, you are allowed only 160 characters per message. The good thing is there are no spelling tests at the other end. But there is a character count check. What happens if you go over the limit of 160 characters?

You will be charged for two text messages characters above 160 are sent as a second SMS. Most handsets will tell you how many characters you’re using so you won’t inadvertently go over the limit. Most handsets also come with a feature called T9 predictive text input which lets you key in a word with minimal typing. Handset manufacturers have long realised that typing on a numeric keypad is tedious and not cool.

You can also send text messages to international destinations Most carriers have agreements for providing SMS with their overseas counterparts. Most carriers also charge extra for international SMS. As you can see, SMS offers a much cheaper alternative to making international calls. Not all countries’ carriers observe the limit of 160 characters per message. Therefore, you should check with your carrier about character limits when sending text messages overseas.

Imagine you have to send the same SMS to 10 people for a birthday invitation. You can send the message one by one or you can send it as a group SMS. Most handsets let you send a group SMS. There’s no difference, however, in costs while sending text one-by-one or as a group.

You can send text messages from your mobile phone to an email address and vice versa. You will need to have an account with your Internet service provider. You can also send text messages to premium rate numbers that is, numbers starting with 19. They are usually used in voting, draws, stock quotes, and weather. Content and services available through the premium rate SMS are charged at a higher price and billed to the consumer's mobile phone account.

Text messages are usually delivered immediately. But in some cases, it may take up to 24 hours. Text messages are not, strictly speaking, live messages because your message is stored first in the network and forwarded later. If the person’s phone is switched off when you send your text message, your text message is stored in the network and delivered as soon as the phone is turned back on. The carriers make no guarantee that text messages will be delivered successfully. You will be charged regardless of whether the message is received on the destination mobile phone.

It is clear from the above discussion that sending text messages is always a cheaper option as compared to voicemails and other options to communicate. But for trustworthy network provider you definitely need to give a call at BT contact number as they are one of the most renowned service providers in the UK.


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