Heading: Ways to reduce a child’s first day school anxiety for parents

Children of all ages are somewhat excited and a bit panicky when they are going to attend the first day of the school. The initial step is to soothe all the fears by recognizing them. Here are five ways which could help the parents to reduce the anxiety of the kids while at school.

    Adjustment in the new environments: If the child is becoming a victim of nervousness when in the school or in the class, it is evident that the child will get nervous because he/she is in the new environment. To assuage this problem, converse with children about what would be the first day at school like. Clarify them that it is normal to get anxious and to overcome it, you must give some time to yourself. If it is possible, adjust the routine and give some more time to the child exactly when he comes back from the school.

    Fear of Failure: Kids become worried that they will get too much loaded by the school work and it would not be possible for them to carry this burden. Remind your child that each and every child has to go through this; even you yourself have gone through it when you were a child.

    Ask your child to make friends at school: In a new environment, there are new children, so setting up play dates with them can help to remove the hurdles which are faced by the children in the new environment. With some old and new friends around, the child will feel more familiar and will develop relations with everyone as well.

    Keep yourself well acquainted with all the info from the school: When the child is moving to a new environment, it is necessary to keep yourself in touch with all the activities of the child at school. Utilize the options of parental emailing and keep a check on the activity log of your child. Stay abreast with the school work and the activities going on there. Most of the students become worried about the school or college assignments, but tell them that there is no need to fret about them because they can avail the online help from the assignment writing companies.

    Test anxiety: Many children get afraid of the tests. Some of them worry about it before hand and then they are not able to perform well on the day when the test will be conducted. A simple way is to give them help and to remind them that the information which is asked on the test is the one which they already know and you have full confidence in them that they will avail excellent marks.

Social anxiety: Kids always get worried about bullying, fighting and developing new friends. They are also afraid of the point of view of others about them and being left alone in the crowd. It is imperative to give confidence to the child so that he/she can face any situation at school. For this reason, it is important to teach some of the social skills to the child and work upon the problem solving skills. Teaching them about conflict resolution is also important.


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