Taking a bite of the Bihari Cuisine

While, one may find umpteen number of reasons to travel, like, for viewing the most amazing and popular places, or witnessing the mother nature in its purest and most pristine form, or photography, painting or poetry-ing, the one reason every food-buff travels is to unravel the mysteries of delicacies and cuisines, as many those might be, on their palate.
We all are already acquainted with Bengali rossogulla, Mumbai’s Vada Pav, Delhi’s Gol Gappas, Hyderabad’s Biryani or Gujarat’s Dhokla.

But how many of us are aware of Bihar’s Litti Choka? Not even many of the food connoisseurs are well aware of this delicacy. While Bihar is renowned for its places to visit in Patna, not much is talked of Bihar’s delicacies. As diverse is the state of Bihar, as is its cuisines. While, a vegetarian tradition is followed by most of the Bihar, there is also a trend of eating meat and fish. Let us make a mouth-watering menu of some less-known, yet amazing dishes of Bihar.

Litti Choka:
It is the most iconic dish of Bihar. And of course, the most adored, and scrumptious of all! It is prepared from wheat and sattu, and formed into balls, stuffed with spices and oil. It can be made in other ways too, owing to the artistry of the chef! Garnishing it with various spices like garlic, red pepper, ajwain, mustard oil, salt, and ginger is like icing on the cake.

Dal Pitha
Dal Pitha is another famous dish of Bihar, and quite easy to make too. Dal means legumes and Pitha are the dumplings made from wheat flour. These dumplings are quite fun to make as they can be made in any shape or size. The legumes are cooked in oil with tadka of various vegetables like tomatoes, onions etc. It is often eaten with chokha. One can simply gorge on this scrumptious dish and not wake up before finishing the entire bowl!

Got a sweet tooth? You must have a bite in this mouth-watering Bihar’s Dessert-- Khaaja. It is prepared by first making sweet dough of wheat flour and then it is soaked and cooked in sugar syrup. It is available in different variants, both sweetened and unsweetened.    

This is the main delicacy, which is specially prepared and served as prasad in the Chhath Puja. It is a dry sweet, also popular in Nepal. Prepared from Wheat flour, molten sugar (chasni) and oil, it is a delectable sweet dish, quite eclectic for auspicious events.

Chaat and Paani Puri
It is a hot and spicy savory snack, sold mainly on the streets. Though, it is famous in other parts of India as well, Bihar’s chaat and paani puri are worth a try. It is prepared with a mix of various spices, hot and chilly, and garnished with coriander leaves, onion and sonth. The various chaats include bhel puri, aaloo tikki,  bhalla-papdi and papdi-chaat.

Your mouth is ought to water, reading about these lip-smacking dishes. You must pay a visit to Bihar, just to please your taste buds with the finger-licking, and healthy dishes featured here with great love and delight.

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