Dalhousie - A fleeting visit to one of the most pristine hill stations

Dalhousie is a pristine destination and everything you have heard or may have recently found out after researching for your visit will ...

Dalhousie is a pristine destination and everything you have heard or may have recently found out after researching for your visit will most probably be true, as the place is highly unlikely to be over rated. Everything about the hill station is beautiful and makes for a great getaway with nature.
One of the most popular hill stations under the belt of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is loaded with fine natural beauty. It stands unintimidated by its neighbouring tourist hotspots like Manali and Shimla and manages to pull enough crowd every year to make it a top tourist spot in the whole of Himachal Pradesh. Dalhousie packages are a big sell right up there with all the major hill stations of the state.
Based on five slopes, Dalhousie is situated on the west of the Dhauladhar scope of the Himalayas. The pristine hill station of Dalhousie is loaded with old world appeal and holds waiting reverberations of the Raj period. It covers a range of 14 sq. km. furthermore, is based on five hills – Patreyn, Tehra,Kathlog, Bakrota and Balun. It is named after the British senator General of the nineteenth century, Lord Dalhousie. The town's statures changes between 525 m and 2,378 m, and is encompassed by shifted vegetation – pines, deodars, oaks and blossoming rhododendron.
Dalhousie has enchanting frontier building design, including some excellent places of worship. Its area presents all encompassing perspectives of the fields and like a long silver line, the stream Ravi wanders aimlessly underneath Dalhousie. The stupendous snow-shrouded Dhauladhar mountains are additionally unmistakable structure this captivating town. The old-world appeal of pioneer time helps us to remember the times when British grabbed hold of the reins of this city from Raja of Chamba. Dalhousie is likewise well known for its state funded schools. The evergreens here incorporate immense pine trees, deodars, oaks and rhododendron plants. Its old holy places from British Raj are justified regardless of a visit.
Situated around 3 kms from Dalhousie, Panchpula is a beautiful place where you can see crystal clear streams flowing down and filling up many pools with fresh clear water. This place is visited by almost traveller who visit Dalhousie a the view of the small pools scattered across the place fed by the streams are beautiful. A lil further of about 10 kms away from Dalhousie is the Kalatop wildlife sanctuary. From high mountain bears to barking deers, you will see a wide range of flora and fauna. The wildlife sanctuary also offers a bunch of outdoor activities like trekking and rock climbing.


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