What You Need In Order To Use Essential Oils

There is a wide plethora of benefits associated with essential oils , yet plenty of people feel overwhelmed when they have to actually face...

There is a wide plethora of benefits associated with essential oils, yet plenty of people feel overwhelmed when they have to actually face them. Essential oils can be used in more ways, so figure the best one for yourself by doing your homework upfront.

Aromatherapy Lamps

Aromatherapy lamps are quite common and work on some basic principles. Basically, such a lamp has a candle on the inside, which heats a recipient. The respective recipient should be made of ceramic if you truly want quality. Add water and a few drops of oil inside. When mixed with the hot water, the oil molecules go up in the air and inside your body by inhalation. Their results become obvious over relatively short periods of time.

Essential Baths

A bath with essential oils can be extremely relaxing at the end of a long day at work. Essential oils also give you the opportunity to create a romantic atmosphere for a special date with your partner. Some people rely on essential baths to cure particular infections, while others do it to prevent them. Of course, you do not necessarily have to wait for a medical affection. Instead, you can just as well do it to relax.

Oil Diffusers

Oil diffusers are probably the most efficient ways to deliver essential oils. Basically, they diffuse the chosen oils into the air. You inhale the vapors and benefit from their curative properties in an oral manner. It is worth noting that such diffusers are quite powerful and will spread the scent in no time. Even if you do not need any special properties from these oils, at least enjoy their relaxing aromas.


When in a sauna, the essential oil is put inside the water going on the hot stones. Never pour essential oils directly on those stones though. After all, these oils are inflammable, while the stones are quite hot. Some of the recommended oils in a sauna include lemon, eucalyptus, pine, citronella, myrtle and sage.


Put about two liters of hot water in a vase, then add five drops of essential oil. Lean over the case and inhale deeply. The more steam you get, the better. Cover your head and vase with a blanket or a large towel, only to trap the steam into your little “tent”. This method is not new at all. It is also known as an infusion, yet the professional explanation has nothing to do with actual infusions. Choose the right oils for your needs though and respect the proportions.

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Massages are probably the most relaxing methods to kill the stress. This is a healthy method to stimulate your organism. It basically heals by itself by releasing specific substances. When conducted by a specialist, a massage is said to be one of the oldest methods to prevent and treat medical affections. With these ideas in mind, it is imperative to educate yourself on the optimal oils.

In conclusion, there are more ways to benefit from essential oils, from oil diffusers to actual massages. Figure the best for you and get to work.


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