Benefits of Having Real-time Interactions with Consumers

How it feels when you can reach out to someone “Live” and communicate with the person to get your issues resolved? Not only that, if a...

How it feels when you can reach out to someone “Live” and communicate with the person to get your issues resolved?

Not only that, if all your communication thread is captured so that you can refer back to it whenever needed without stressing out your dwindling memory. Sounds even better, isn't it?

Yes, that's the beauty of real-time communications (RTC) that most companies across the world are embracing to strengthen their customer relationship. It include using Instant Messaging, Chatting software or apps and VoIP. Taking this approach is surely reaping rich benefits.

Let's Know About Some Real Examples

Microsoft Enterprise India has recently compiled success stories of 50 Indian IT companies where implementation of real-time communication tools have increased their efficiency and productivity significantly.

Let's talk about a couple of examples:

 1.    IndiGo Airlines achieved high-performance by adopting real-time       communication solutions in the form of instant messaging.
2.     Lavasa has been able to increase their efficiency and productivity by 30 percent by bringing in a system of fetching real-time information to respond to queries.

There are an increasing number of business enterprises are moving towards real-time interaction with customers by combining wearable technology and faster data collation. It helps customers to share their requirements more freely and get them instant solution.

Reasons Why Real-time Interaction is the Future of Communication

Due to hectic schedule and time constraints, many consumers prefer to shop online. For this, they often want to speak with a real person during pre and post-sales services.

Feeling the consumers' pulse, companies are installing live chat software on their website or launching mobile chat apps so that customers can contact them easily to resolve their issues.

By having a quick chat with a company executive can get customers answers without making a call or sending an email. 

A study conducted by Forrester Research revealed that 44 percent online consumers prefer to speak with a live person when they are shopping online.

Another research carried out by futher consolidates the fact, which states that 62 percent consumers are likely to come back to a website that offers live chat facility. Additional 38 percent respondents say that they made the buying decision because of the chat session.

Lack of real-time communication can turn many customers away and re-direct them to a competitor. For any kind of business, be it IT or ecommerce, a real-time and intelligent communication system has become an integral part of businesses to get lucrative return on investment (ROI).


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