Protein Powder: 5 Side Effects We Should Know

These days, gym enthusiasts and diet meal plan fans are taking more protein in different forms like powder. Protein powders can be purchas...

These days, gym enthusiasts and diet meal plan fans are taking more protein in different forms like powder. Protein powders can be purchased in both grocery and online stores. It can also be found in protein-enriched cereals and high-protein oatmeal.
Side Effects We Should Know

 However, it seems that time is usually running fast and somehow, it becomes impossible to consume proper amount of protein in every meal. Now, it comes in a powder form, which is fast and easy. It may not be ideal and healthy but a lot of people are turning into protein powders for their diet meal programs and bodybuilding activities.

There are various benefits when you intake protein powders such as improving the immune system and reducing hunger. This is why people take them seriously. However, people tend to overlook the effects of protein powders in our body, resulting to health problems.
Below are some of the disadvantages of taking protein powders that should be given a serious thought:

Increases cancer risk

Protein powder like soy protein powder is a concentrated source of phytoestrogens that mimics the estrogen hormones of women’s body. An increased intake of this may lead to risk of having cancers for both women and men. Scientific studies proved that high consumption of phytoestrogens may actually contribute to breast cancer risk among women.

Gains fat

You add more calories when there is an additional protein in any diet meal plans. Excess amount of protein must not be stored in the body, especially if you are not doing any enough physical activities like running and workouts on your home gym. Absence of physical activity and increase the protein intake can lead to gaining more unnecessary muscles and fat.

Causes indigestion

There are food that may actually affect our digestive system and it includes intake of protein powder. Its effects are not really pleasant since some of the types of protein powder such as whey and casein contain cow’s milk that is bad for those who have lactose intolerance problems. You should be careful when choosing  the kind of protein powder they will consume to avoid digestive problem. Whey and casein protein powder are really difficult to digest that results to flatulence, bloating, indigestion, gas trouble, abdominal discomfort, and diarrhoea. Protein powders do not have fiber content that contributes to digestion problems.

Contributes to dehydration

Protein intake dehydrates the kidneys that can contribute to malfunctioning of the heart in an extreme rate. High level of protein powder consumption results to ketosis, a state where it produces toxic ketones that need to be removed in the body. It also results to loss of water in the kidneys. Other effects of dehydration are bad breath, dizziness, and lethargy.

Decreases the sperm count

Protein powders like protein powder contributes to testosterone imbalance among men. The high estrogens in soy protein powders lower the testosterone production of men, leading to the dwindling production of sperms.
Protein powders may possibly contributes to the testosterone imbalance among men. Soy protein powders contains high amount of estrogens, lowering the testosterone production of men that leads to the decreasing production of sperms.

Protein is an important ingredient to achieve progress on diet progress and getting healthier; however, just be careful when taking it and it is better that you consult a doctor about it to avoid future health problems.

About the Author:
Candice Larson is a health and lifestyle enthusiast. She currently juggles her time between working and attending graduate school.


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  1. Protein powder has so many disadvantages? I never realize this. one of my friends is take protein powder for strengthen his muscles. I think if he read this article, he will be crazy. and I also search the main ingredient of protein powder. According to the nutritional analysis, protein powder can cause a lot of trouble like you post here.



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