Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The metal phablet

Since past year, Samsung has worked on improving design and specs of their high-end devices, for example the Samsung Galaxy S6, which is different, then the past Galaxy S5 and now its turn of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which is going to get uni-metal body.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

As mentioned in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge we finally we have the lateral metal frame, apiece that runs around the edge of the phone, only interrupted by the upper and lower bands, for that separation between antennas. The bottom is reserved for the headphone jack of 3.5, the second microphone used for noise cancellation, the speaker and the microUSB port. On the right side we have the power button and left, well-integrated and without a marked dance, a detail that always fixed and is much appreciated volume buttons, all quality, as I never tried criticizing those manufacturers that within the high-end care not finish buttons. And with the little scope of improvement, Samsung may surprise the world with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design.

Everything is perfectly assembled into the final piece that makes up the smartphone, and here is the secret of great design and finished Samsung Galaxy S6. The difference between being in a nice smartphone hands but finished and assembled care and have SGS6 is remarkable. Hold the Samsung Galaxy S6 is nice and comfortable; it is easy to know that we have between our hands a premium device with high level of finish and has been careful in all aspects. And may be you can get better feeling while holding the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. But if anything stands out above all in the design Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved screen. Samsung has already made ​​his first steps in the curvature of the Note Edge screens, but the idea of SGS6 is quite different. Here we find something much more design-oriented functionality, and although the curved screen offers some extra functionality to take advantage of the most important here is the aesthetic part. We only have to compare the model flat with Edge and immediately notice the change and improved design.

Undoubtedly the Galaxy S6 is the change in design, materials and finishes that Samsung needed a very positive change that relocates to the Korean company at the top, a position began to threaten at least in terms of finishes refers. An exceptional work by Samsung again we do believe in innovation and the ability to see new devices that not only bet on the functionality, but also will maintain these and creating new things get accompany a design accordingly. And we bet if Samsung would do all things according to S6 in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and adding the lacked microSD slot then of course Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may rock in the market.


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