Top 5 Reasons to Go for Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving

Raja Ampat Island, situated in the Northwest side of Indonesian region is growing to be one of the popular diving destinations in Asia. Breathtaking scenery, amazing landscape and clear blue waters make this region a perfect setting to undertake diving excursions. Thousands of snorkeling fans come to Raja Ampat to experience the thrill of extensive diving expeditions.

Tourists have an option of either going for shore based or liveaboard diving. However, it is recommended to pick liveaboard diving as your preferred mode of having a lot of fun at the sea. Rounded up below are top 5 benefits of Raja Ampat liveaboard diving that clearly overpower shore based diving. Go through them and then make your mind accordingly.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving  

1.  Unlimited Dives Each Day

Liveaboard trips usually extend to a period of days and you get to spend a considerable amount of time on the waters. This allows you to experience more number of dives per day without actually having to face any time constraints. Anytime you feel like diving, simply put on your gear and take a plunge in the sea. Raja Ampat islands are famous for night dives. Only a liveaboard trip offers you the pleasure of experiencing diving at the night.

2.  More Room for Diving

Since for the most part of your liveaboard diving excursion, you will be on the run, which means you will be the first one to reach famous diving spots. These diving locations get crowded by the hour; therefore it is a great idea to reach there in the first place to avoid the crowd that hurls into huge volume as the day passes by.  

3.  Sharpen Your Diving Skills

On a liveaboard vessel you have ample amount of time to experiment and sharpen your diving skills. The trained staff on board is more than happy to assist you by all means in helping you to get educated on diving procedures. More number of dives each day will only lead to honing your overall diving abilities.

4.  Explore More

Liveaboard diving trips take you to some of the most isolated and secluded diving locations that remain untouched by human interference, and exude sheer amount of beauty both above and underwater. These diving spots that are accessible only through a liveaboard vessel are must to experience.

Above mentioned benefits of Raja Ampat liveaboard diving are probably just enough to intrigue you. If you are planning a liveaboard trip, it is high time you start to go through several providers of liveaboard trips and find the most credible one to make sure you have the best vacation time ever. 


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