How Vitamins And Minerals Help You Every Day

Did you know nutrition has a critical role to play in building up and sustaining a good and healthy physique? Amidst the flood of the advertisements about supplements, people, and especially athletes often forget that they also need to be careful about their nourishment.  Taking proper nourishment is as important as visiting gym.

Generally, when body building enthusiasts talk about the nutrient intake, they talk tall about proteins, carbs, creatine and fat content in their favorite supplement powders. They even prioritize intake of these contents on regular basis to enable buildup; assist in recovery; and stay relaxed after the hard bout. But, they forget the vital ingredients that act as catalysts in all these processes, i.e. Vitamins and Minerals.

Do you know, when you take a scoop of your favorite protein, mass gainer, or Creatine supplement; mix it up in a shake; and drink it before or after the workout, what happens next? The digestive system of the body starts working overtime to absorb the alien stuff and extract targeted benefits from the intake. Now, this is where Vitamins and Minerals come into the picture.

All the supplements are quite hard and the body need suitable catalysts for proper digestion; absorption; and channelization to the ingredients to the required destinations in body, you need a suitable mechanism that can only be provided by proper and regular intake of Vitamins and Minerals.

The Vitamins, the organic compounds– some of which are manufactured by body and some which are extracted from external sources - form an important role to play in so many processes: sustaining effective metabolism; facilitating immune system; sustaining healthy nervous system.

Vitamins assist synthesizing energy from nutrition; converting proteins, carbs and fats into stores of energy and much required amino acids, enzymes and above all much required calories and glucose; and proper functioning of blood circulation process. These ingredients are often different types – off course with distinct functions-, like:
·         A - assists in proper muscle development; and sustaining vision;
·         B1 and B6 – associated with hemoglobin production; oxygen circulation; protein digestion and processing respectively;
·         B2 (Riboflavin) – assists in protein metabolism; fat oxidizing; glucose absorption;
·         B3 (Niacin) – associated with numerous functions connected to metabolism and generation of energy;
·         C – a great antioxidant that helps in flushing toxins from body; enhances metabolism; assists in production of collagen that connected muscles to bones;
·         D – assists in absorbing calcium; and
·         E – assists greatly in recovery by protecting cell membranes.

Similarly, Minerals, the inorganic material – which can only be extracted from external sources – are very basic ingredients that are required for almost every function performed by the human body, like
·         Regulating and synchronizing functioning of muscles and nerves;
·         Facilitating proper development of body;
·         Controlling and formation of cells

These inorganic compounds include calcium – that facilitate growth of muscles and bones; chlorine – help in controlling water content in the body; magnesium – controlling body temperature and assisting in bone structure build up; potassium – providing nourishment to muscles, regulating kidney functions; and zinc – boosting immune environment of the body, and exhausting carbon dioxide from muscles during exercises.

Nearly half of the crowd visiting gym does not know How Vitamins And Minerals Helps Us Every Day. So, next time, when you think of buying a good food add-on or supplementing package, do not forget to notice these ingredients.

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