Features to look for before buying a Surveillance/Security Camera

Be it business or home, security and safety of premises are the top most priorities of every home and business owner. With advancement in digital technologies, modern-day surveillance cameras are offering more in terms of variety, functions, and durability. In terms of functionality, there are various advantages of CCTV surveillance system including monitoring your business or house premises, preventing misuse of resources and securing your place from theft or any incident. If you’re considering installing new security camera or upgrading the existing one, here are certain features you should look for before purchasing the new camera.

Security Camera

Weatherproof and Vandal Resistant

Since surveillance cameras are installed in parking lots and outside entry gates, so purchase a camera with weatherproof housing that can protect the camera from heat, rain and cold weather conditions. Ensure that you buy a quality CCTV camera that is resistant from vandals too. Tamper detection settings in a surveillance camera send SMS alerts or E-mail to your phone whenever it is vandalized by someone.

Night vision monitoring

The most important feature of a surveillance camera is to capture details of an event at night. Cameras with IR cut filter or LEDs automatically switches to night vision mode when light level drops to a set point. In short, look for a camera with zero (0) lux and built-in IR illuminators for viewing in total darkness. So they can record perfectly in daytime as well as at night. Businesses should use IP security cameras as they have superior night vision capability.

Remote Access on Smartphones

Being able to watch the recordings of your security cameras while you are not at the actual location is one of the most important features of current digital video recorders. Connect your system to your smartphone via broadband internet and software to remotely access what is currently happening at your location.

Adjustable and video compression

With adjustable cameras, you can monitor a much wider area by using its tilted, panned and zoom-in options for a better recording. Latest surveillance cameras are now being installed with video compression features that reduce the demand of video recording storage space along with transmission bandwidth.

Physical features of the security camera such as camera iris and image sensor will impact the quality of image or video recorded by it. Businesses should install a 24-hour surveillance camera, but homes can install motion activated security camera. This will save hard drive space and reviewing security footage will become easier. With the advancement in camera technology, digital video processing technology, video recording technology, and digital video storage capacities, many different types of surveillance/security cameras exist today. However, the most important and common features should not be overlooked while you buy a CCTV camera. Whether you’re looking for more convenience or better images, select from a range of CCTV cameras including box camera, dome camera, covert camera, varifocal camera, and digital video recorder (DVR) that can improve the surveillance at your premise.

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