Now You Can Call STD Mobile Numbers Without Prefixing '0' or '+91'.

“The number you have dialed is invalid. Please prefix '0' to the number”

You may have heard such Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) like this in the past when tried to call an STD number without adding '0' by mistake.
It is annoying to most people, especially when you are in a hurry to talk to someone.

STD Mobile Numbers Without Prefixing
Now, this is going to be a thing of past. The Department of Telecom (DoT) has announced in May, 2015 that subscribers don't have to prefix '0' for calling up the STD numbers.

This is definitely an encouraging news!

It will simplify the process of dialling STD mobile numbers. Some of the major telecom operators such as Airtel, Vodafone and MTNL have already implemented this change in their networks.

If this facility is still not available with your operator, it will be implemented by July, 2015 according to the deadline set by DoT.

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How this Change Will Help Subscribers?

 So far, the need to prefix '0' or '+91' has been a major obstacle to complete mobile portability. Now, with this change, mobile subscribers will enjoy full mobile number portability (MNP) across India.

In the existing scenario, MNP allows mobile users to change their telecom operator if they are in the same circle where they registered their mobile number. Now, with full MNP, users can change their operators across all the circles without any hassle. 

In addition, for changing number, you no longer have to face issues such as updating your bank accounts for receiving OTPs, email accounts and notifying family members, friends and colleagues.

In simple words, even if subscribers move to another state, they can still keep their mobile number, which is similar to the local MNP process.

It will be particularly more useful for students and professionals who move to other states for higher education and better job opportunities.

Will the Subscribers Need to Fulfil Any Requirement?

Well, subscribers have to follow a simple procedure to implement this change.

They need to submit a form to their respective telecom operator along with a fee (not specified as yet). Subsequently, the telecom operators will issue a new SIM to activate the full MNP. Your old SIM will get deactivated.

This is a seemingly small and significant step that is likely to enhance the mobile portability in India and remove all the roadblocks that mobile users have been facing for long in terms of communication.

Share your views and opinions about this announcement in the comment section below. We would be glad to hear from you!
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