2015 Trends in SEO

2015 Trends in SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a growing field where search engines play a great role in marketing your business. Many people still consider SEO as very technical, time-consuming and complicated technique. You might find many people who claim themselves as SEO gurus. Some of them may be the real experts, but not all can be. People who run healthy business might think that they don’t need the help of SEO. However, SEO is not only about improving your business. It is about attracting potential customers from across the world. Search engines like Google keep on changing their rules every time. So, keeping updated with the trends will only help to stand out in the crowd.

Why should you care about SEO?

The main reason is most people will find that almost 60% of the traffic to the website is coming from the search engines. Still, if you think that you are getting enough visitors and in the proper way, you might be thinking wrong. If the data shows that, 60% people search in the Google or other search engine for you, it might be someone who already know about you. SEO is not about people who are already knows about you. It covers people from different corners of the world.

Real SEO:

Most people still aren’t sure about what is SEO. Some may refer it as marketing your products/service online. Real SEO is all about making the search engine understand the content in your website. It doesn’t manipulate the website content. Rather, it guides and assists Google to understand your website. It is not about keyword stuffing, keyword density and hacks and tricks. If you have heard these terms from any company who offer SEO services in Kerala, better you run away from them and choose a good company who knows what exactly SEO is.
You can use Google analytics tool to measure how you perform in Google and to measure the quantity as well as quality of traffic.There are people who think that they don’t need to care about keyword research and all. People don’t know what they would like to be found for. People think that Google will understand the content in their website and people know what terms they should use to find their product or service. These concepts are wrong and you will have to find what you would like to be found for in search engines.

You can plan your desired keywords with the help of Google keyword planner. Avoid irrelevant keywords and go for the important ones that people mostly use to search and find things related to your product/service. You should choose the keywords that are important and of high level competition. You should keep a solid list of keywords before going to start SEO for your website. Just creating great content and uploading it into the website won’t help you to attract people towards your website. Rather, you should plan how to sell your product/service online using these techniques. 


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