Wading through the magical landscapes of Shillong

If you are looking for a memorable vacation into the unexplored north Eastern India, look on further and visit the beautiful city of Shillong. It is full of gorgeous landscapes and tempting destinations. If you are visiting Shillong for the first time, make sure to pick a suitable choice from these Shillong tour packages that suits your preferences and requirements for the vacation.
magical landscapes of Shillong
Laitlum Canyons is one of the most prominent destinations to visit in Shillong. It is comparatively less explored as compared to other destinations in the city but is most certainly one of the most beautiful places you can ever be in. It is a gorgeous hilltop covered with lush greenery and dense mist as well. When you will be here, you will have a glimpse at how insignificant our lives are when compared to the grandeur nature has to offer. You can catch the beautiful sights of bamboo plantations and orchid beds from the peak. It is one of the best vantage points in Shillong and is known for leaving its visitors spellbound. Its main site is accessible after a long uphill trek that will take you through rich cover of greenery and rocky terrains. One of the most important items that you should be bringing here is your camera because you are going to need it big time. There is no entrance fee as such and you are going to take a helpful of memories and more from here. This place can also serve as a great inspiration if you are an artist or photographer.
Elephant Waterfalls, more popularly known as the Three Step Waterfalls, is one of the most beautiful attractions in the Shillong city. Its name as Three Step Waterfalls has been derived from the fact that it consists of three steps in succession. If you are visiting it during the monsoon season, you are going to witness it in its full magnificence and flair. In fact during the months of July and August, even the locals of the area swarm the place due to its irresistible charm. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you should head to Mawjymbuin Caves as well. All these places have some or the other major hotel of Shillong. So you can be assured to have a locational advantage in that respect. Check out the hotels from these hotels in Shillong with tariff to make a well informed choice regarding your choice of stay with respect to your budget, requirements and preferences.
If you are a food lover, you are going to love the variety of options you get in here. Shillong specially specialises in Chinese, Tibetan and Indian cuisines and one of the most popular food item here is momos. Shillong is predominantly a Christian area, so beef isn’t as abundant in restaurants as pork, chicken and fish.
Shillong is one of the upcoming tourist attractions in north East India. It has specially become a popular choice among honeymooners as well. Plan a visit to this beautiful city with your family and friends and enjoy a memorable vacation ahead.
Author Bio: - Dimpy Roy is an travel writer working with an online Travel Guide and helps people to find best Shillong holiday packages for every category travellers.


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