Samsung Galaxy Alpha Vs Note 3: A Comparative Guide

Nowadays, Samsung has so many models that you are bound to get confused about purchasing the best. Each model comes with an innovation of its own and has too many features to spin anyone’s head. Of course you can compare different models of Samsung itself and see which one suits your need the best. There are expensive models and affordable models with different specifications. All that matters are your budget and your need. So, if you want to make sure your phone is the best buy, go through these comparisons beforehand.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Vs Note 3

Display and performance comparison

While note 3 is older and heavier, it has advantages that again takes it on the same level as that of alpha. Here are its advantages if you do a Samsung galaxy alpha vs note 3-
The alpha model has a display of 4.7 inches, while note 3 is 5.7 inches. If you are a fan of big displays, then note 3 is the deal for you.
Performance wise, note 3 comes with a RAM of 3 GB, while alpha has a 2 GB RAM> 
The CPU is built with octa-core technology in both cases. The clock speed is also almost the same, 1.8 GHz for alpha and 1.9 GHz for note 3.

See the latest, buy the lightest

If you are going to buy a Smartphone today, you always focus on the latest models. Else, it will be of no use if you buy a technology and it gets obsolete after a few months. Also, there are models with different weights. You should choose whether you want it heavy or prefer lighter models. Here is the comparison-
The note 3 was launched in September, 2013 while alpha is an august, 2014 model.
Note 3 weighs 168 grams while alpha is lighter, it has a weight of mere 115 grams

Camera and other specifications

While it seems the two Smartphones match each other in terms of specifications, you can look further into details. Even the primary and secondary cameras have similar pixels, 12 and 13 MPs respectively for alpha and note 3. The SIM slot is a bit different, as alpha operates in nano-SIM while note operates in micro-SIM. The only two features that note 3 have but alpha doesn’t are the barometer and temperature sensor. Hence, samsung galaxy alpha vs note 3 will leave you only with the price difference. Buy any one of them if it fits your budget.

Summary: The Samsung Note series and Galaxy series has been a choice for tech geeks for some time now. Here in this article about samsung galaxy alpha vs note 3 you can know which one edges ahead in terms of innovation. 


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