Eight Key Points to Remember Before Buying International Calling Cards Online

If you are looking for international calling cards online, you probably must have figured out now that this is most certainly not an easy task. Although, international calling cards have a number of benefits, yet purchasing the right one often gets tricky. The pricing of these calling cards are outrageously confusing and marketers very often use deceitful tactics to lure customers that is again not in the interests of the customer. 
To buy the most suitable and affordable international calling card online is indeed a task that can be accomplished only by a smart shopper. Outlined below are some tips to remember that will assist you to become one.

Top Eight Tips on Buying International Calling Cards Online

  1. Lowest Rates Doesn’t Mean Best Deals

Obviously the primary concern here is to buy most affordable international calling cards. Many providers even offer these cards at exceptionally low prices that might entice you, but what they are not revealing is a high service charge.Therefore, check the service charges before purchasing calling cards. 

2. Look For Any Hidden Charges

Most providers do not fully disclose their pricing schemes and advertise calling cards with low rates. This actually might be a problem for most customers. The actual charges often turn out to be significantly higher than prices stated in promotions. It is therefore advised to read the terms and conditions carefully and make sure no hidden charges prevail. 

3. Watch Out Exaggerated Minutes

Virtually all companies inflate the number of minutes offered on their calling cards. Usually this is done to trick customers and minutes are to be used on a best case scenario. Therefore, make sure you will be able to exhaust the provided number of minutes within the stipulated amount of time. 

4. Advertise vs Actual Rates per Minute

Advertised rates per minutes are the ones you see in promotions,while actual rates per minute are the ones that are calculated after adding additional fees,surcharges and taxes etc. Understanding the difference between the two is very important before purchasing an international calling card online. 

5. Difference Between Billed and Talk Time

Billed time is not discussed widely which is the reason why most customers fall into the trap of calling card companies. You see billed time is the amount of total time billed for any given call, while the talk time is the time you actually talk on your phone. Make sure you are through with the specifications of the billed time and talk time of the calling card. 

6. Check Additional Charges

Before purchasing an international calling card online, always make sure to check all the charges that will amount to overall charges. Do not go the low prices offered in advertisements and always get through with whatever surcharges, additional fees and taxes; the company is imposing on the calling card that increases its overall cost. 

7. Buy From an Online Store

Although international calling cards are available both online and at retail shops, it is advised to buy them off the internet, since the customers can compare prices of different calling cards, identify vendors, and verify the credentials. Buying online also entitles the customer to avail benefits of additional features like speed dial and pin less dialing. 

8. Always Purchase From Reputable Companies

There is literally an outburst of service providers on the internet that deal in international calling cards. You best bet is to buy from a credible company that has a reputed name in the industry and offers calling cards at reasonable prices. 
Above mentioned tips are probably just enough to assist you in purchasing the right international calling card online. If you have something to add or you have any query in this context, you may place them in the comment section below.


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